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We would like to sincerely CONGRATULATE all the owners and breeders of these dogs. The ICCF title is one of the most prestigious titles you can have on a Cane Corso! These titles will be added to your ICCF registration paperwork, along with all titles from major show organizations, such as: FCI, AKC, UKC, ARBA, ICKC, RBCSO, as well as all working titles, making the ICCF pedigree the most complete pedigree in the world for the Cane Corso.

ICCF Grand Champions

Scandifio’s Knockout Punch At Sno-storm

Arsenal’s Purple Rain Of Riverbluff

Alasdair Sins Of The Father

Peretti's Locked N' Loaded

Peretti's Resisting Arrest 

Integrity's Flat Five at HavenHill

ICCF Champions

Scandifio’S Cyrus II

Scandifio’S Mia

Mad River’S Blue Spruce

Black Magic’s In It To Win I

Rellim’s Sisco’s Don’t Shade My Shine

Biaggio’s Del Agreste

Valente’S Sophia Dolce Eleganza

Scandifio’s Legacy Of Leo Di Pullanos

Arsenal’S Purple Rain Of Riverbluff

Big Country Sharper Then Steel Obsidian

Big Country’S The Skies Belong To Me

Scandifio's Brutus di Fidele

RiverBluff's Billie Jean

True Blood's Dakota 

Inka Empire Pisco Sour

Fearless Black Warriors River Diva

Arsenal's Purple Rain of RiverBluff

Riverbluff's Dancing In The Streets

Riverbluff's Sweet Child O' Mine

Integrity's Flat Five At Haven Hill

Brutus "X-Man"

Scandifio's Knock Out Punch di Snowstorm

Peretti's Code Blue

SummitCity's Sting Like A Bee

Foos Jhon Del Corso



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