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Michelle Steigmeyer

ICCF Registry ~ Ed & Kristie Hodas

StoneRidge Kennels ~ Jim & Kristeen

Doggie Delicious Treats & More

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My Cane Corso


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Will Yingling & Carla Williamson

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Del' Agreste Cane Corso

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Sarah McClary ~ Black Magic Cane Corsos

Eryn Longbrake ~ Altiere Cane Corso

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Special Consideration To Our Trophy Sponsors

Shand & Sheri Ard ~ Overall Top Dog

~ Overall Top Bitch

Robert Sumner ~ Overall Top Junior Puppy

Angela Johnson ~ Overall Top Baby Puppy

Janet Gigante  ~ Overall Top Veteran 

Jim & Kristeen Fisher ~ Halo Award

Ed & Kristie Hodas ~ Tournament of Champions Best of Breed & Best of Opposite

Tony Scandy ~ Overall Pee Wee Handler & Overall Junior Handler

Special Consideration To Our Award Sponsors

Pam Tidwell  and Southern Grace Cane Corso ~ Overall Top Opposite Sash

Rob Sumber ~ Overall Top Winner Sash 

Judith Porter ~ Best of Breed Plaque Show #2

Jay & Meghan Kline and Agguinto Cane Corso ~ Best of Breed Plaque Show #1, Judges Appreciation Baskets

Nate Dorsey and Dorsey's Cane Corso ~ Best of Breed Plaques Shows #3 & #4

Diana Edwards and Bloom Products ~ Best of Breed Rosettes Shows #1#2#3#4 & National Specialty Plaque

Tammy Gimpl and Gratitude Farms ~ Overall Top Baby Puppy Rosette

Medesta Pigg and Iron Dog Weight Pull ~ Overall Top Junior Rosette

Dan Kierstead and Wasatch Cane Corsos ~ Regional Specialty Plaque 

Amanda Gradwell and Ultima Cane Corso ~ Best of Opposite Rosette Show #1

Matt Harr and Blue Kings Cane Corso ~ Best of Opposite Rosette Show #2


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Working Dog Show Leads

Bloom Products

ICCF Registry

Crystal's Pooch Puffs

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ICCF Registry

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