ICCF Extravaganza Online Entry form 2017 Final

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ICCF Online Entry Form

Please fill out entry form completely. If you are entering multiple dogs, EACH DOG will need their own entry form.

Tab through questions. Please do not hit the enter key until complete

Upon completion, you will automatically be directed to the ICCF Club website to make payment using Paypal options.

Contact iccfmembership@gmail.com with questions/concerns

* Is the owner of dog a member of the ICCF Club?  (Members receive significant discounts on entries)
* Sex of Dog
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Dog/Bitch Class Entry Options : Pricing as follows-

DOG/Bitch Pre-entry Individual show (1 dog per show) NON MEMBER-$35, MEMBER- $30

VETERAN Pre-entry individual show (1 dog per show) NON MEMBER- $25, MEMBER- $20

BABY PUPPY (3-6months) Pre-entry individual show (1 dog per show) NON MEMBER-$25, MEMBER- $20

Tournament Of Champions $30 (Dog must be ICCF registered to compete in TOC)

Day of Show entry fee (all classes) NON MEMBER-$45, MEMBER-$40

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* This Dog will be showing in the following conformation show(s)
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Working Division
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Waiver and Assumption of Risk

In signing this Waiver and Assumption of Risk, I am accepting all responsibility for any and all actions by me, my dog, and any other persons I may bring, that may result in injury to any persons, and or dogs, and or property while at the show site. I also indemnify and hold harmless the ICCF Club from any and all claims by me, any member of my family, or any guests who may accompany me, for any injury to said persons and or dogs and or property. I agree to any rules that may be brought to my attention, either in writing or verbally.


***Please Note- Pre-entry Payments are NON REFUNDABLE***

***This entered dog will be assigned an armband number, please pick up your ARMBAND NUMBER day of show at entry booth.

Upen completion of this form,  you will automatically be directed back to the ICCF Club website to make payment using the Paypal options.

We thank you and look forward to seeing you all at the ICCF Extravaganza Super Show 2017