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International Cane Corso Club Code of Ethics

1) I will not misrepresent myself or my Cane Corsos in my dealings with others.

2) I will honor all agreements entered into freely between myself and others concerning Cane Corsos and Cane Corso-related activities.

3) I will not bring dishonor to the International Cane Corso Club, nor to the breed which I have agreed, by my membership, to preserve and protect.

4) I will conduct myself at all times to enhance and improve the Cane Corso breed and its image to the public.


1. All members shall abide by the Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct of the International Cane Corso Club and all the rules and regulations.

2. All members shall conduct themselves to reflect credit on the sport of purebred dogs in general and Cane Corso in particular. This includes respect for show sites, national convention and overflow facilities, internet forums, lists and other social media as well as all other aspects of responsible dog ownership.

3. All members shall keep accurate breeding records, registrations and pedigrees, and maintain appropriate standards of canine health, cleanliness and care. Members shall abide by local laws, ordinances and covenants relating to dog care and ownership.

4. All services and sales arrangements shall be in writing and signed by all parties. ICCF members must support and conduct only ethical trade practices.

5. All advertising shall be honest and not in any way misrepresented , fraudulent, or misleading.

6. All members shall support the efforts of the ICCF relative to health issues known to affect the breed.

7. All members shall evaluate the structural and mental qualities of all Cane Corsos sold or placed.

8. All breedings shall be done with the intent of the preservation and betterment of the Cane Corso, taking into consideration structure, health and temperament.

9. Animals will be used for breeding only as often as consistent with good health and sound medical practices. Animals shall be in good health and free of communicable diseases and disqualifying faults.

10. No female shall be bred before 15 months of age. No male shall be bred before 12 months of age.

11. Stud dogs shall not be bred to any bitch whose owner is directly or indirectly involved with any puppy broker, puppy mill, pet shops selling dogs, litter lot sales, or any other wholesale distributor whose business is involved in like activities.

12. No Cane Corso shall be sold to persons directly or indirectly involved with any puppy broker, puppy mill, pet shops selling dogs, litter lot sales or any other wholesale distributor whose business is involved in like activities. No Cane Corso shall be supplied for raffles, lotteries, or laboratory experiments.

13. Breeders and stud dog owners are responsible for the puppies produced by their animals. Breeders and stud dog owners shall take responsibility for the dogs they produce by taking dogs back or in some way assisting with placement in another home, if they can no longer be cared for by the owners.

14. When appropriate, animals shall be sold on limited registration or, with written agreement to have the animal altered and ICCF registration or transfer documents withheld pending proof of alteration.

15. At the time of sale, the seller shall furnish records to the buyer. Those shall include complete medical records, including vaccinations given and dewormings, pedigree and ICCF registration or transfer documents, unless written agreement is made at time of sale or transfer providing that these papers are to be withheld

ICCF Club Grievance Process

SECTION 1. Request for Inquiry.

A request for inquiry to the Grievance Committee must be made in writing. The Grievance Committee will follow up the inquiry and, if further action is necessary, will make recommendations to the Board.

SECTION 2. Charges.

Any member may bring charges against a member for alleged misconduct prejudicial to the best interests of the Club or the breed. Written charges with specific details and proof, if applicable, must be filed in duplicate with the ethics and grievance director together with a deposit of $50.00 which shall be forfeited if such charges are not sustained by the Board following a hearing. The ethics and grievance director shall promptly send a copy of the charges to each member of the Board or present them at a Board meeting, and the Board shall first consider whether the actions alleged in the charges, if proven, might constitute conduct prejudicial to the best interests of the Club or the breed. If the Board considers that the charges do not allege conduct which would be prejudicial to the best interest of the Club or breed, it may refuse to entertain jurisdiction. If the Board entertains jurisdiction of the charges, it shall fix a date of hearing by the Board not less than 3 weeks nor more than 6 weeks thereafter. The ethics and grievance director shall promptly contact the accused member by registered mail together with a notice of the hearing and an assurance that the defendant may provide evidence in their own defense and provide witnesses if they wish.

SECTION 3. Grievance Hearing.

The Grievance committee shall have complete authority to decide whether counsel may attend the hearing, but both complainant and defendant shall be treated uniformly in that regard. The Board may request further investigation by the Ethics Grievance Director and may request a recommendation as to Board Action. Should the charges be sustained, after hearing all the evidence and testimony presented by complainant and defendant, the Board may by a majority vote of those present suspend the defendant from the privileges of the Club, and, if it deems that punishment insufficient, it may also determine that penalty be expulsion. Immediately after the Board has reached a decision, its findings shall be put in written form and filed with the Secretary. The Secretary, in turn, shall notify each of the parties of the Board's decision and penalty, if any.



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