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The ICCF Club features an biannual newsletter, which is mailed to all members. Each issue will include breed articles, health issues, dog sports, advertisements on litters, show dogs, etc.

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The ICCF name is the oldest most recognized name in the United States for the
Cane Corso, The original breed club and registry since 1992. We are a breed club devoted to the Cane Corso and its preservation, without the politics. We understand the needs of our fellow enthusiasts and strive to provide a community free of political agendas, personal gains, and unethical behaviors. Showing or working, our goal is to provide an enjoyable, friendly atmosphere for all members and fanciers alike.
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Show Results Highlights


2018 ICCF Extravaganza Super Show

Top Overall Winner  
 Valente's Sophia Dolce Eleganza
 Owner: Christine Thomas-Lamont
 Breeder: Christine Thomas-Lamont
Handler: Giuseppe Renzulli 
Top Overall Opposite
Arsenal's Purple Rain of Riverbluff
 Owner: Virgil Fleming,
Breeder: Virgil Fleming & Patricia Land
Handler: Ryan Towler 

ICCF Club Mission Statement

The ICCF Registry is the oldest Cane Corso registry in the world and the most complete stud book in the UnitedStates, recognizing hundreds of Cane Corsos as having obtained Grand Championships, Championships,
or working titles.
Over the years, the dedication of the ICCF Registry to preserving the purebred Cane Corso has been evident through our unequaled diligence in maintaining the historical record of the Cane Corso. Because of the ICCF Registry's commitment to this wonderful breed, we are able to provide you with the most complete pedigrees available. Pedigrees which not only document the heritage of the Cane Corso, but also recognize their achievements.
We are THE breed-specific registry for the Cane Corso and will continue to provide you with the services you deserve, such as extended-generation pedigrees that note a Cane Corso's accomplishments. This information is not only the sign of a dog's prestige, but also acts as an instruction to both professional and novice Cane Corso breeders.

ICCF Registry

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