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Why join the ICCF Club?

The ICCF Club is a private club where the BOD’s are all long time Cane Corso enthusiasts (average 18 years in the breed).

The nine member board started the new ICCF Club in 2015, with funds out of their own pocket and donate all their

time for free with no compensation. In that time we have done the following: Put on two shows, with the last one being

the biggest Cane Corso show in US history. Brought over 5 international breed specific judges and the top breed specific

judges in the US, Given two free seminars with historian Michael Ertaskiran and Corso author/historian Renzo Carosio.

Started three international satellite clubs (Italy, Australia and UK, Donated large sums of money to Cane Corso’s in

need. Gave free entrance at our last show to all Veterans class Also, need to mention that our BOD’s worked so hard to

get donations for our last show that we had enough prizes left over after the raffle to give to anyone who did not win a

prize. Last but certainly not least, the BOD’s have raised $75,000 to be awarded to the top Cane Corso’s allowing all to

see the best in one place here in the USA and everyone can see them for free! (spectators are always free) All of this was

done in a little over a year and a half! As part of your membership, you will get a discount on the Extravaganza’s four

shows. That alone is worth $45 almost the price of your membership, you also get two color newsletters each year, the

last newsletter was 23 pages! We are making our shows and working events about the dogs and not the handlers OR

owners. We hire impartial judges and try to promote the breed in a positive way. It is our duty to our members to insure

their time at our events will be a positive, fun, friendly and an educational experience, with that said it is a private club

and we are not interested in negativity and will not have it a part of our club as there is enough fighting within the breed

already. And of course, this works in reverse, if we don’t do a good job our members will not renew. I’m happy to say that

the members so far have been more than willing to lend a hand for the breed they love. Overall, it has been an extremely

exciting time in a very short period and I hope you join us to see what is in store for the Cane Corso in the future with the

ICCF Club. Join the fastest growing Cane Corso club today!


Ed Hodas ICCF Public Relations


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