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ICCF Extravaganza Super Show 2018

May 25th, 26th & 27th

A Members Only Event

owner of exhibiting dog must be a member to participate  

Spectators welcome without fee

ICCF Club Membership Required for owner of exhibiting dog~ Join Today


Come join us at Royal Canin Ring, located within Roberts Centre at 123 Gano Rd. Wilmington,

Ohio 45177 for a Cane Corso celebration! This is an all inclusive venue with

convenience for the exhibitor at center focus. Visit Royal Canin Ring's website for

detailed information about all their amenities they have to offer. We have a

an exciting itinerary of conformation, working, elite panel of expert judges,

breed seminar, raffle prizes, and vendors with the latest inventory in dog items.

We look forward to seeing you there!


Hotel Information: Holiday Inn 123 Gano Rd. Wilmington, Ohio 45177~ ph 937-283-3200

Website Reserve hotel room under the ICCF Club name to receive group discounted rate


Vittorio Suffritti 

Barbara Zanieri 

Derek Matson 

Nancy Amburgey 

Linda Valentine

Working ~ Trenton Harris & KT Maess



We are now only accepting DAY OF SHOW Entries. Please stop by the entry booth at 8am on Saturday May 26 & 27th to enter your dogs.

ICCF Extravaganza Super Show Online Pre-entry System
Pre-Entries ~ Closed
Online Entries close May 24th @ 5pm EST
Day of show entry fee (increased to $45 per class)


ICCF Extravaganza Entry Options 2018

Working Pre-entry options Deadline May 1st, 2018
Working Pre-entry options Deadline May 1st, 2018


Conformation Cash Payout 

Best of Breed -  $2,000

Best of Opposite - $1,000

Winners Dog - $400

Winners Bitch - $400

Best of Breed Junior -  $300

Best of Opposite Junior -  $300

Best of Breed Baby Puppy -   $200

Best of Opposite Baby Puppy -  $200

Best of Breed Veteran -  $100

Best of Opposite Veteran- $100

Tournament of Champions Best of Breed $1000

Tournament of Champions Best Opposite $1000

Accumulation of points from all 4 conformation shows

Working Cash Payout

Driviest Puppy (3-6mth, 6-9mth, 9-12th,) $100 each age division

Hardest Hitting Male/Female-$100 each division

Beginner Nov Obed/Nov Obed- $100 each division & certificate

Rally Nov/Adv– $100 each division

Sprint Race– Winner $100

*Completion of W9 form required for cash payout $600 or greater

*Only Cane Corso entries are eligible for cash payout awards. The Cane Corso that receives a first placing will be awarded cash payout. The Cane Corso must receive a passing score, and may not be disqualified from the entered event. In the event of a tie, judge or ICCF BOD will determine winner. All decisions are final. All breeds welcome to exhibit in all working events except for CCAT.

ICCF Extravaganza Show Rules

In signing this form, I am agreeing to rules brought forth by the ICCF Club.

The term “dog” is neither age nor gender specific.

1. No dog shall be shown under a judge if any owner(s), agent(s), or handler(s) of said dog have had any business or personal dealings with the aforementioned judge within the past 3 years.
However, in the event that an owner(s) has had business and/or personal dealings with the aforementioned judge, said judge may evaluate said dog so long as said dog is not from any business or dealings with said judge, and said dog is shown by an agent or handler that has had no dealings or business with said judge. (Third Party Exclusion)

2. A dog may not be shown under a judge where said judge is the breeder, co-breeder, owner, co-owner and/or previous owner.

3. No owner(s), agent(s), handler(s), or breeder(s) may converse with the judge until after said judge has evaluated his/her dog.

4. No tagging assigned judges to pictures or comments on any public or social media is permitted.

5. Any ICCF Club official has the right to refuse any owner(s), agent(s), or handler(s) to enter or handle at any ICCF Club event for any reason.

6. Any owner(s), agent(s), or handler(s) found to be unethical, having bad sportsmanship, or showing inappropriate conduct, at the show venue, by any ICCF Club official, shall be removed and any and all award(s), including but not limited to point(s), trophies, prize money payouts, certifications shall be forfeited immediately and returned back to the possession of ICCF Club

7. Neither the ICCF Club nor the ICCF Club officials shall be held libel, responsible, or accountable for any service(s) and/or product(s) donated to the ICCF Club raffle or auction.

8. Any dog brought onto the grounds or premises of the ICCF Club show venue shall immediately be removed and will not be able to participate if it:

(a) shows clinical symptoms of distemper, infectious hepatitis, leptospirosis, or other communicable diseases,
(b) is known to have been in contact with distemper, infectious hepatitis, leptospirosis, or other communicable diseases within thirty days prior to the opening of the show,
(c) within thirty days prior to the opening of the show, has been kenneled, where there previously existed: distemper, infectious hepatitis, leptospirosis, or other communicable diseases.

9. Any dog brought onto the grounds or premises of the ICCF Club show venue must be either on a leash or crated and under control at all times.

10. It is the responsibility of the person(s) accompanying and/or walking the dog(s) to clean up after the dog(s).

11. No dog is to be mistreated.

12. Anyone who has a payout of
$600.00 or more agrees to show a driver’s license and give his/her social security number for a 1099 form.

13. Each payout will be mailed to each appropriate qualified winner within one week of the show. Payouts will only be paid once all the wins have been verified according to the ICCF Club’s rules for showing. If for any reason winner(s) can not be verified by the ICCF Club, prize money payout will be forfeited back to the ICCF Club without recourse.

14. All monies paid to the ICCF Club are non-refundable.

15. Anyone found in violation of these posted rules will be suspended, banned, and, if warranted, legal action will be taken.

16. Any entry to an ICCF Club show or any spectator at an ICCF Club show venue acknowledges reading the rules and agrees to abide by these rules.

17. All decisions made by any ICCF Club official are final.

*Please feel free to seek the advice of any ICCF Club official for clarification of these rules at any time. Judges should not be approached for questioning, at any time, before their assignments



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